3D Gait / Run Analysis

3D Running Analysis

Whether you run competitively or recreationally, a gait analysis with High Road Physical Therapy can help to improve your performance while reducing your risk for injury.  Our RunDNA system creates a 3-D image of your body in motion using multiple cameras, reflective markers, and cutting-edge software.  Once we’ve collected the data and can visualize your form, a Certified Running Analyst breaks it all down for you – possible causes of pain, inefficient mechanics, movement patterns that could lead to future injuries, and of course what you are doing well too!  We then build you a customized, progressive plan to help you run faster, stronger and pain free.

Why perform a running analysis:

  • Identify cause of pain or injury – Suboptimal gait patterns lead to extra stress on muscles, tendons, and joints. Combine that with the repetitive nature of running and you have a recipe for injury.  Identifying inefficiencies in gait helps to identify why you hurt when you run.  
  • Prevent injury – Identify faulty biomechanics with running before they lead to injury.  Improving your form reduces the stress on your body, and therefore reduces the chance of injury and keeps you running.
  • Improve performance – Based on your individual analysis, recommendations for gait retraining, strengthening and mobility are designed to improve your running economy and performance.  
  • Break plateaus – if you’ve been unable to set a new PR, increase your distance, or keep up with your running rivals, better more efficient form could be the key!

What you will get:

  • Measurable Data – Our system collects a 3D model of your running form including your ground contact time, joint angles, pelvis movement, foot strike, body symmetry, force impact, and more.
  • Professional Analysis – We won’t just show you the data, we’ll help you understand it. A specially-trained physical therapist will break down what it all means, why you run the way you do, and how to correct the problems.
  • A long-term solution – Based on the data collected, we will provide detailed recommendations for your running technique, design strengthening and stretching programs specific to you, and provide rehabilitation for injuries if needed.  Our long-term approach gives you a plan that’s sustainable, improves your performance, and keeps you injury-free.

Running is a skill that needs to be practiced, just like any other sport, and with live feedback on your efforts, you can be sure that the work you’re putting in is focused in the right direction to keep you running strong.

If you have a history of injuries and/or are currently injured, or if you are having trouble improving performance, we recommend the Full analysis.  This allows us time to discuss your training and injuries, work on making real-time changes, and prescribe an individualized program based on your goals.

A screen, however, will also provide very valuable information.  See below what each service offers!

These services are not covered by insurance.

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