Runner’s Tune-Up

Our Runner’s Tune-Up service helps to restore your legs after a race, big training run, or hard ride, leaving you ready to tackle your next workout.  You’ll receive 30 minutes of hands-on care for your legs, which can include deep tissue massage, Active Release, cupping, and/or Graston. These techniques help to reduce soreness and tension, remove lactic acid, and improve mobility. Afterwards you’ll get to use the Normatec Compression Sleeves (hips or legs) and have access to the Hypervolt vibrating foam roller. (Also great for recovery after cycling!)


Normatec Compression Therapy

Normatec Compression sleeves provide dynamic pneumatic compression to the limbs in a specific pattern, in order to improve circulation and speed up recovery. The compression system utilizes a pulsing mechanism that mimics the natural muscle pump in our body, and it works in zones to keep things flowing in the right direction. This helps to mobilize fluids necessary to hydrate your muscles and flush out lactic acids, allowing for enhanced recovery, decreased soreness, and shorter downtime between workouts. We provide Normatec Leg Sleeves and Hip Sleeves.  

$25 / 30 min treatment

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