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An optimal position on your bike will allow you to feel good, ride longer, and perform better.  Cycling is a repetitive sport, so even subtle imbalances and asymmetries can lead to bigger issues after an hour or two on the bike.  An improper position leads to extra strain on joints, ligaments and muscles, which can lead to pain, injuries, and performance-robbing inefficiency when riding.  Therefore, the more time you spend in the saddle, the more a good fit helps.  

On a bike, pain is quite often the manifestation of poor biomechanics above or below the involved painful area.  Sometimes it’s a seemingly unrelated issue such as off-set brake levers causing a change in torso position, which alters the pelvis and can in-turn affect the knees.  Sometimes it’s related to an imbalance in flexibility, stability or strength, causing faulty or uneven movements.  This is where High Road Cycling and Performance teams up with High Road Physical Therapy for a comprehensive bike fitting experience that looks at YOU and your relationship to your bike.

Every PT bike fit begins with a review of your medical background, as well as a movement screen, to assess your mobility, balance, and strength.  Then we get you riding so we can take a look at your overall position and examine the three contacts you make with your bike: pedals/cleats, saddle and handlebars.  We make all necessary adjustments until you look and feel good on the bike, and the bike looks good on you.  Then we assess your position using the Retül 3D motion capture system to fine tune your fit. The system measures the angles of your trunk, hips, knees ankles, shoulders, elbows etc., as well as your pedaling dynamics. The intention is not to fit you into a strict range of numbers, rather to objectively measure how you and the bike are working together.  Optimal numbers vary per individual, and our goal is to create the best dynamic relationship between you and your bike.  

We use cutting edge technology, including motion capture cameras, a dynamic fit bike, and software, but it is important to remember that these are just tools, and tools are only as good as the person using them.  The best computer is your bike fitter’s brain and observation skills after many years of experience fitting hundreds of people.  Jason Twedt has been involved in the cycling industry for over two decades and has been fitting bikes since 2005.  His experience, knowledge, and understanding of how the bike and rider integrate and relate to each other insures an unparalleled fit.

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